Review: Granger & Co, King’s Cross

Picture credit goes to the Internet.

It’s Friday, and it’s been a long week at work, so met up with lovely friends for a visit to some wine. The vague plan was to end up for dinner at the German Gymnasium (which I love, love, love), but it was without space (on a Friday night? What a shocker.) So, we ended up at Granger and Co, a apparently Australian restaurant nestled between the aforementioned GG and Vinoteca, on the birdcage side of King’s Cross.

Apart from the accent of our delightful maitre’d, I honestly hadnt twigged the Australian bit till I looked it up right now. But knowing that makes a lot of sense of the menu, which had plenty of veggie options, including a lentil spinach bowl and avocado running amok, and so many fish options. I plumped as a starter for the crab toast which was delicious # highly recommended.

It also explains the drinks list, with apertifs such as a sparkling Riesling and a cold pressed coffee negroni. The most expensive white was a Riesling, Nestle’s amongst er…other rieslings and random Italian and French choices. We went for the Beaujolais Blanc, which was excellent. 

My main didn’t quite live up to the first course (chicken schitnzel with “smooth fennel mash” – as often happens with places that don’t know how to do a good schitnzel, there was too much dry meat and not enough to balance it out), but overall, a great dinner and somewhere to check out if they’ve take away the birdcage swing because everyone’s drunk. 

4 dingos crying in the dark out of 5. 


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