Last year was momentous politically. It was also when I started working for a think tank. There’s a lot to process and I’m now in a position where I’m actively engaged and engrossed in some of what’s going in government, it sometimes feels like my brain is exploding with new information and, more interestingly, new ways of thinking. It definitely makes the quickfire, short term reaction of social media to minor events an occasional frustration. 

I’m not quite ready to write about much of this in detail, so here’s a placeholder list of what I’ve been pondering. 

1. The Labour Party. It’s now changed to be something I am deeply unsure about it. As I continue to find my political way is it worth staying with as a rebel? Can you be a rebel when you’re quite centre? Why isn’t there a party for floating voters?

2. Brexit. Lord help me. I’m a Remainer and will always prefer an open minded, free movement based European cooperative. But, the UK (unless Northern Ireland or Scotland veto it somehow) is leaving the EU. Our Parliamentary democracy will see to that. So, what, if anything,  can happen to make this as positive as possible? Is the UK, London (my home!) a lost cause, to be abandoned? Much to wrestle with here. 

3. The process of politics and power. Being a politician is both boring and fascinating, about meetings and information and bureaucracy and networking and big ideas. I want to have a think about that. That’s all. 

Please kick me in a while if these topics stay untouched. 


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