OMG, I think I like you


This is a post to tell you to watch “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. Now, it’s kinda niche, but brilliant. It’s a musical comedy TV show with characters who aren’t really likeable and may be having nervous breakdowns. The main character is Rebecca Bunch, a high flying New York lawyer, who clearly hates her life. She runs into an old ex (who she dated for maybe five minutes at summer camp) and, on the basis of that meeting, quits her job, moves across the country and starts stalking him. While imagining a variety of musical numbers across all the genres. There’s a klezmer patter song at one point – it’s awesome.

Now a lot of the comedy is in the somewhat cringey vein – the American Michael Scott style. And yet, though I normally hate that kind of thing, it works for me here. Rebecca is so, so broken and yet trying so, so hard to make life “normal” for herself. From one perspective, she realises how unhappy she is, changes her life, makes a whole new group of friends and starts figuring stuff out – it’s inspiring. (From another viewpoint, she’s a completely bonkersballs narcissist who forces her way into a group of losers. But, eh.)

And the music is great. It’s funny, moves the story along and sticks in your head. Highlights include Heavy Boobs, Settle for Me, Friendtopia, and the title song of this post, which I haven’t been able to stop singing for about a week. There are many more and all available on YouTube.

5/5 for this one, if you like musicals, crazy people, silly plots and hints on stalking.


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