The Recordening 4: Racoon Fury

More recording today, which you may have guessed. We have five days in the studio (and two of mixing and mastering) – if you break down the parts, our progress looks a little something like this (don’t mention the racoon):

This was taken before we crammed in a few more vocals and one more guitar part, so we are in good shape. Vocals were troubling me a bit – I’ve been working so hard on my parts, thinking about intonation, character, breath, all that kind of stuff. I failed to take into account the absolutely hideous cold I’ve had for about two months now. Hence, in booth worried face:

After some duff notes yesterday, it turned out ok and if it didn’t, that’s what melodyne is for. I really hate not having control of my voice – fingers crossed death cold from hell is finally on its way out. 

Tomorrow: final day, so probably some shots of a relieved band drinking wine. 


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