Review: Time Run – the Celestial Chain

This is the wrong door

Having taken part in the adventure of Longinius’s Lance last year, and enjoyed it very much, I was keen to do some more of that room escaping stuff. The Celestial Chain is chapter 2 of Time Run’s adventure series and manages to be a different type of game, while keeping some of the charm of the original. It’s not quite as compelling, though, thanks to quite a bit of filler story-wise and nothing that ever lives up to the surprise of the final room in Chapter 1. 

The plot is about a Goddess trying to kill us all, but that’s just the MacGuffin to get you and your friends solving problems in order to find a variety of objects across rooms. We were a group of seven split into two, both of which failed to find the right door to get in. Having two groups adds a competitive element, the results of which I’ll come on to later. 

I won’t spoil the puzzles, but they were tricky enough to give a sense of achievement when solved, but not so difficult that anyone got annoyingly stuck. You’re moved quite rapidly through the series of rooms – I wouldn’t have minded slightly more time to get bearings. All fun, except a few minor complaints. Some of the rooms are really far too dark – a little more light on the matter would have been great. And the last room was a bit dull – too much story, not enough action. 

Still, a fun way to pass the time and I’m pleased that our group of three (me, Hat and Chris) scored 88 out of 100, with our fellow travellers (Seamus, Silk and Helen) getting 66. Not that this matters, of course….


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