2016 in pictures

When I was thinking about where I am (as described in lots of detail yesterday), I sort of thought I hadn’t done a lot in 2016. Then I scrolled through my phone gallery. And blimey, I did quite a bit of stuff! And took way too many pictures. And let too many babies figure out selfies. Edited highlights in vague chronological order below.

New Year in Colchester with this beautiful lot.
Band strategy day 2016! We got quite drunk but also set a good plan. Which we’ve nearly carried out.
The X-Files came back! The anticipation was more exciting than the reality.
I bought some stylish new glasses and went a bit hipster. I took the label off.
BTS tour of Sadler’s Wells – amazing. Theatres are well high, man.
My birthday! There were many cocktails. And karaoke. Of course.
Went to Namur with Lani. Walked a citadel to find a man riding a golden tortoise. (We also ate much cheese.)
Spent Easter helping out with Family Weekend at Sadler’s. This is my dream future living room.
There was a cheese festival. Not sure what the occasion was. Love of cheese transcends all time.
I moved to N4 and got welcomed by the SGS collective.
A picnic in May! Sounds like a good idea, but I have never been as hungover as I was on this day.
AC DC at the London Stadium! They rocked, natch.
One of my favourite 2016 shows – No Body at Sadler’s.
Visited beautiful Charlbury and the lovely Hats. There was an actual old school fair on the village green.
We played our first festival! It rained. A lot.
Went on the March for Europe with lots of others and got yelled at by an old man. Neither of these things seemed to have helped anyone.
Went to Wimbledon for the first time and it was excellent! One day, I will see Andy Murray there.
Sad times – left Sadler’s Wells for different climes. Had a v good send-off.
Went to the British Museum in my week between jobs. Scarlet unimpressed at the magnificent Rosetta Stone.
Visited the delightful Ushi! Paul and Rick were also there.
More picnics! We did a lots of these. They were awesome.
Super enjoyable cocktail at the German Gynasium, I think my favourite restaurant of the year.
New work summer party, overseen by the watchful gaze of our blessed lady Kate Moss.
Went to the Globe to check off the last of Clare’s Shakespeare plays. Was suddenly unsure about capitalism.
This dog was the best thing at the Labour Party Conference.
Was trying to take a picture of a nice view and ended up with a nice picture of face instead.
This poster was the best thing at the Tory Party Conference.
Hair cut! Only one in 2016, weirdly. Must do better.
Had a big work launch thing in November, then celebrated late into the night. This marks the moment in 2016 when I got quite ill, from which I’ve only just recovered.
I bought an Amazon Echo. I love it. Plus, Christmas started happening.
I got a wand and had dinner in the Great Hall at Hogwarts! It was pretty awesome.
Ended the year with lovely people at Christmas, which is how it should be, right?

Takeaways from all this? I did a lot more than I realised. And I really like wearing stripy tops. In conclusion,considering the trifle of 2016. Photos good. Fun good. Meat good. What’s not to like?


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