Hello 2017

I’ve been quite ill for some time, with a nasty cold – nothing super serious, but enough to knock me out of action over the holidays. I didn’t let it affect Christmas, but New Year was a quiet night in, watching as London exploded from my attic room. See the potato quality picture above for proof.

Being just a bit ill for more than a few days means you end up doing a lot of thinking and reviewing and watching a lot of TV. I realised that 2016 wasn’t the worst year I’ve (personally) ever had – that’s firmly reserved for 2014. But it was a year in which I was still recovering from all the stuff that 2014 did to me and all the quick changes I had to make n 2015 to make up for it.

So, I began the year staying in Kent, having gotten out of one of the worst flat shares ever and being exceptionally lucky to have a Lani. I changed jobs, having sort of fell into my previous one due to some debt and desperation. (It worked out incredibly well, but I’m not going to claim I wouldn’t have been in a lot of trouble if it hadn’t come along when it did.) I took a lot of time finding a new flat that’s perfect for me right now in terms of location, flatmate and being forced to confront my hoarder tendencies. And I spent a lot of time figuring out what I want and who I want to be. I don’t have that one cracked yet, but it’s a work in progress.  Looking back, it’s been a much busier year than I expected.

Where are we now? Herewith the current State of the important bits of the Terrie Nation. Yes, I’m grading myself, have you met me?

Home: I love my garret. It’s private, it has all my stuff in it and it’s in Zone 2. I do have the occasional hankering for a big house with a garden and a music room, but who doesn’t? One day, for sure. I’m lucky that I have a great flatmate who understands the boundaries of privacy, but is also turning into a good friend. B+

Friends: I wasn’t so good at maintaining relationships in 2016. I don’t know if that’s because there’s been so much more going on than I realised or if it just needs a greater level of organisation to fit into the changed lives we’re all living. I want to do better. Expect an email. C

Music: The band’s been moving along – we set out a list of things we wanted to do at the beginning of 2016, and have, for the most part, done them, with only slight spillage into 2017. I’m excited about our upcoming recording sessions, in which we’ll get to experience working with a new producer, as well as laying down songs which I think are the best we’ve ever written. More importantly, I’m starting to discover what I want to do with music, largely down to having regular singing lessons. I have a good voice, and I’m hoping that 2017 is the year I figure out how I get to use it a lot more. B

Work: Work is busy and challenging and out of my comfort zone and in the right direction if I want to continue down this career path. See above though – I think I occasionally resent it for taking time away from something I truly love and always want to do (music, not friends – I don’t think you can get a salary from a nice social group?)  2017 is the year of working out how that all fits together. Generally, I seem to be having some success, so…. B- 

That averages out to a B-, I guess? There’s a lot to do in 2017, but I’m feeling personally positive if still completely snot-ridden. (I’m ignoring the sense of political foreboding – possibly more on that at a future point.) Anyway, hello 2017, hello blog, hello good things to come.



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